I was in Dynamo from 94-98

Hello! I was browsing the internet and I was delighted to stumble across this. I was in Dynamo from 94-98, my first show was West Side Story, my last was Confusions and my highlight was doing Mean Old Man at the Kings. I just wanted to say thank you for such great experience. I work in entertainment now and there’s no doubt those Mondays and Christmas holidays spent at Dynamo helped me do that.
I’m so pleased to see Andrew got to Buckingham Palace for his efforts – totally deserved! It really is a wonderful company and I’m really glad to hear it’s still going strong. Big love to Andrew (who will always continue to have terrifying and adorable legendary status in my mind!), John Gleadhall, Tony and anyone else who may still be involved from 20 years ago. Thank you for all the dedication you’ve put in. It was such a great start for me and full of many happy memories.
Liz Peters x


The foreigner

From the Chair

A warm welcome to DYT’s annual Sixth Form leavers play. This year we are performing Larry Shue’s play “The Foreigner” a comedy set in the deep south of America.

The Six Form Show is the pinnacle of DYT membership, the last show a member will perform with us so the shows are chosen for their ability to stretch the cast, bringing all of their hard earned acting skills to the fore. A reward for staying the course and a reminder of their time with us, we wish them all the best with their chosen paths as they launch into the big wide world.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank all of the back stage crew listed in this programme, whose hard work has made the show possible, working round the difficult availability constraints at holiday time.

Richard Watts

Chairman, Dynamo Youth Theatre

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From the Director

Welcome to Dynamo’s annual Sixth Form production, which as always, aims to celebrate the many years of membership of the Senior members of the Company who are about to “retire” and embark on the next stage of their lives.

For those of us who have known these young people for many years, this production causes us mixed feelings. While we’re obviously very proud and aware of their commitment and personal development during their combined service of almost 50 years, saying farewell to such a talented section of the Company, will leave a large hole that will be naturally hard to fill.

Once again this year, a comedy is the favoured performance option by the cast, so hopefully tonight’s performance of “The Foreigner” will meet their aspirations.

Working intensively for a period of two weeks, a production of this type offers our members a different learning experience, especially in the sense of adopting a “method” approach towards the development of personal characterisation. Indeed, as I write these notes, the cast have just experienced a visit to the Spinnaker Tower, where they have had to convince the innocent general public of their American personalities!

I would like to thank the whole cast, for both their enthusiasm and professionalism during the rehearsal period, as well as our long suffering backstage crew, who have given up so much of their spare time, to try and ensure that our Senior members are given the most positive experience possible.

Thank you for your support tonight.

Andrew Bowker

Artistic Director, Dynamo Youth Theatre


Froggy LeSuer – Chris Thomas

Charlie Baker –Harry Stroud

Betty Meeks –Lucy Wickham

Rev David Marshall Lee –Rufus Cameron

Catherine Simms –Rachel Hogarth

Owen Musser –Barney Walsh

Elland Simms –Josh Bennett


Front of House –Tricia Roberts, Jayne Green

Health and Safety –Tony Goodbody, Mo Whiting

Photographs –Paul Burrows

Hair and make-up –Linda Stimpson and cast

Set Design –Graham Frost

Set Construction –Nigel Wade, Wayne Thomas, Kevin West, Nick Haward, Richard Watts, Dan Stroud, Hugh Cairns, Ivor Copeland, Callum Cairns, Mal Sturgess

Set Painting –Bev Wade, Jennie Wade,
Mark Remnant, Beth Howard, Sally Stroud,
Sarah Sweatman, The Cast

Costumes –Kate Walsh

Lights –Barry Fletcher

Sound –Ben Fletcher

Programme Design –Alex Booth

Properties –Lynne Rough, Mary Fletcher

Publicity –Lucy Flannery, Richard Watts, Tricia Roberts, Alex Booth

Stage Management –Callum Cairns, Tony Goodbody

Production Manager –Mo Whiting

Director –Andrew Bowker



Behind the scenes for ‘The Foreigner’

This year’s 6th form play, ‘The Foreigner’ takes place in Georgia with the cast performing the play with southern American accents. As part of the ‘method acting’ approach and to enable the cast to overcome their self-consciousness, they needed to practice and convince people that they were, in fact, Americans.

Andrew Bowker took them to Gunwharf and up the Spinnaker Tower to pretend that they were students over for the summer holidays from Tilghman County High School. It was with much apprehension as we watched them approach other tourists and convince them that they were from Georgia. We needn’t have worried. They became so relaxed with the roles, even asking one couple if the Isle of Wight was France. “All you Americans sat that” was the response. They had been hooked! We were so proud of them!

Mo Whiting

Production manager for ‘The Foreigner’


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The Foreigner tickets are on sale


By Dynamo Youth Theatre

A comedy drama by Larry Shue

Tickets: £9, £7 concessions

Dynamo’s senior members are performing this unusual comedy by American playwright Larry Shue.

Trying to forget his marital problems, dull and doleful Charlie Baker takes a fishing-lodge holiday in the Deep South of America, and to avoid being pestered by the locals pretends that he is a foreigner who speaks no English. This leads him to become involved, at first unwillingly, in bizarre goings-on featuring a corrupt preacher, his pregnant girlfriend, her none-too bright kid brother and the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan!


where the poppies fall2

Where The Poppies Fall – Tickets now on sale here


An original workshop production by the members of Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre to Commemorate The First World War Centenary.

Where the Poppies Fall tells the tragic tale of two First World War victims. We follow them from their optimistic beginnings in 1914, as the excitement of the war engulfs the country, up to the moment that they become just another statistic.
In this workshopped production, Dynamo has taken both a male and female perspective, to create an all round picture of the horrors of World War 1.
We hope to see you there for a thought provoking performance.

Please click here to purchase tickets from the site box office

where the poppies fall

Where The Poppies Fall

Rehearsals have started for our next show “Where the Poppies Fall” an original workshop production, to commemorate the Centenary of world war one, written and directed by Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre members.

The show will be performed at St. Faiths Hall, The Pallant, Havant on the 18th, 19th and 20th July

Tickets are priced at £8.00 and will be available from our web site soon.